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Rock the fat vote!



There are at least two organizations that purport to speak for fat folks: NAAFA and ASDAH. Are they dialoging with the candidates, or educating them, or even - gasp!- endorsing any of them?

I'm a dues-paying member of ASDAH, but am not involved much more beyond this. I am not a member of NAAFA. I am involved, however, with the startup of a new organization called COFRA (Coalition of Fat Rights Activists). In deciding how to best organize,we discovered that non-profit orgs cannot support political candidates. According to a labor lawyer and a seasoned non-profit activist on our committee, if you want to support a candidate or endorse someone, you have to register as a political action committee. I think both NAAFA and ASDAH are registered as non-profits, which would explain why they haven't been more politically involved.

Proud FA

The fat acceptance movement is a huge failure while more and more Americans are opting to be fat. NAAFA does not speak for most Americans. Fat Americans are woefully under represented yet we are the majority.

Because IMO and in the opinion of my blog partner NAAFA, ISAA and ASHAH has been such a dismal failure we have started what folks are calling the "The New Fat Accpetance" We discuss fat issues on our WWW.BiggerFatterBlog.blogspot.com

We discuss the failures of the FA movement and we offer solutions and a new comprehensive philosophy that is inclusive.

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