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I know my weight is the reason for not getting a job in the last 4 years after I lost my marketing management job of 18 years. I had one company that practically gave me a job over the phone. He asked that I come in and show my portfolio. He also wanted to discuss what my job duties will be. I came in (early), was dressed professionally, prepared for the interview and he was trying to escort me out the door WITHOUT even looking at my portfolio that he was insistant on seeing. I filed a complaint with the Michigan Civil Rights office. When I talked to an attorney there he agreed I was dismissed because of my weight. BUT there was nothing he could do because the interviewer didn't say I wasn't being hired because I was fat. Michigan is the only state that has a law barring discrimination based on weight. But you can see it doesn't any good. Even the people that are supposed to protect us don't want anything to do with us.

Coach Anne

I’m so sad to hear that the Michigan law is not being upheld — especially when this seems to be so blatant a case of fat discrimination. Any other Michigan folks care to comment?

Opequon, I hope things have improved for you in the four years since. AmpleHugs to you!




I hate descrimination for whatever reason. This new "fat" descrimination is the lowest of the lows. I think that we're all people, regardless of our fitness level, and should be treated as such.

That's my 2 cents.

Thomas :)

Coach Anne

Amen, Thomas. And, it begins with us. How many fat folks do you know who mistreat themselves, with body-hate talk? Negative self-concept? Endless self-criticism?

Before we can expect everyone else to respect us as people, we have to respect ourselves, and start treating ourselves -- body, spirit, heart, mind -- with compassion, love, and admiration.

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