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Joanna Young

Hello Anne, and happy belated birthday :-)

I too think that gratitude can have a powerful, positive impact on the way that we feel, and the way that we live. I'm glad to see so many people finding their own words and pictures to describe that sense of gratitude and personal connection today.

It's a way of claiming back the agenda from other people and saying "hey! this stuff's about us too."

So thanks for sharing your words.



Hey, thanks Anne, and right back atcha. You are a blessing to so many, and I think this is a great idea, cleaning up the inner environment! Yah!

Steve McGrath


I'm glad that you won the 1 Cool file $300 prize and on your birthday on top of that. :D

Problogger and his sponsors made a lot of happy people that week.


I hope you spend the prize on something just for you ;)

Peggy Elam, Ph.D.

Thank YOU, Anne. And Happy Birthday a little late!

Coach Anne

Thank you Joanna, and thank you again Dylan, Steve, and Peggy, for your comments.

What a fun day this has been!! Appreciative comments and birthday wishes here and by email, not only have me glowing -- they also tell me that lots of people are smiling and feeling good, having been touched by this post.

See what a little gratitude can do?

Imagine the good energy in the world, if we were all to feel and express thankfulness just a bit more often.

Janice Rivenburg

Happy, Happy belated birthday Anne! I say a prayer to the angels everyday for my family and friends, so please know that you are thought of every day in my prayer. I was so touched to receive your e-mail today, and honored to be listed as one of your friends. Thank you, that meant so much to me:-)

Adam Kayce : Monk At Work

You're most welcome, and happy birthday as well!

I, too, got a lot from Liz's post, and the angle she took on Blog Action Day. Gratitude is always a good choice.

May Johnstone

Thanks Anne, what a delicious feeling to be appreciated. I'm 'passing it on'...

Joanna Rueter

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!! And thank you for including me in your list..I am very glad to have been able to contribute to your year ...that is a blessing - and a blessing to hear from you.
Joanna Rueter

Coach Anne

Janice, Adam, May, Joanna,

My face is wearing a HUGE AmpleSmile :) for the birthday wishes and also for the smiles I feel in your hearts.

May, "passing it on" is exactly what i hope all my readers will do.

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