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I believe that it is the American tendency towards less and less physical movement that is a huge contributor. Americans tend to drive there, "there" being even the corner grocery, rather than walking. To a large extent the lack of physical activity is built into our lifestyles through the size of our cities, the safety in and around where we are, and other factors, not simply lazyness. I firmly believe that the American way of life focusing around automobiles is the biggest difference in things that effect our body differences. I am not sure I have explained away what is in my thoughts, but hopefully I have. Susie

Terry Early

In all seriousness, I think it's not so much speaking English as living in a nation with so many additives. If you go to Germany and taste beer or sausage, you will find it is very different in taste than what we have here. Germany has very strict purity laws, so no preservatives and no growth hormones in edible critters.

I really think that the growth hormones and so forth that we give livestock accounts for a lot of things, including obesity, early puberty, premature births, et cetera. We live in a country that is killing us with technology.

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