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My friend Diane died this morning, Saturday, May 20, 2006, at 6:55 A.M. Central time. She went very peacefully.

R.I.P. to her generous, loving, feisty, courageous soul.

Peggy Elam, Ph.D.

Anne, I was checking your blog to get the URL to post on my Health At Every Size radio show blog (www.healthateverysize.info), and was HORRIFIED by your post about the bigoted chaplain! And so was my friend JodE, who is in my office right now helping me with some Pearlsong Press tasks. In fact, JodE said to tell you that not only is your friend going Home (she IS Home, now) -- if the chaplain feels that way about God & fat, she's taking up HIS space there! :-) (OK, we know there's really room for everyone....no matter what that guy thinks...or has forgotten.) Blessings to your friend Diane and all of her friends and family.


First of all, hugs to you and your lovely friend.

On a less huggy note, ;) I have heard tales of people carving up our bodies, equating fat with sloth and asexuality, and refusing to give fat folks health insurance or perform necessary medical procedures. All that horrifies and shames me, but this story you shared is punching me in a new and horrifying way. I'm offended and hurt that someone who is supposed to dispense wisdom and reassurance instead spews forth bigotry.

I agree he should be censured! Even better, we should take our cues from _A Clockwork Orange_ and tape his eyes open during a film viewing of a HAES seminar. Grrrr!

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