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Good for you! I love ice cream. No one calls me "Rubenesque", Ample or anything. My anorectically thin buddies say-oooh aren't you worried it'll land on your thighs?
Nope! My husband just brought me an ice cream shake! Great Blog, Anne!


Thanks, Marcia. I love ice cream, too, and have discovered that I am far more satisfied by a few spoonfuls of real, high-quality ice cream, than by any amount of the "diet" versions. Blechh!


Hey, here's the title of a great book. It's meant to be for parents/adults in relation to kids. However, not only did it help me with my daughter, it was information I wish I had had when I was in 4th grade! Valuable stuff for parents and non parents no matter what size you or they are. My daughter says, "Now to educate the skinny kids that tease!" Here's the title and author: Real Kids Come in All Sizes by Kathy Kater (YAY Kathy!)


Hello All,
I must say that this email was meant for me to see in my inbox this morning. Recently I went backwards to the days when I suffered from an eating disorder. It was six years ago that I suffered from bulimia. I never got any help for this problem, I just stopped on my own. I hated my then 135 pound body. I hated the fact that I was a size 5 when I wanted to be smaller. With marriage and three children my perception of my body began to change. I began to see my body as a tool, and not an object. I began to see that I am beautiful no matter what size.
I now feel ashamed that I have let everyone down including myself by trying to revert to dieting, and bulimia. I was trying to get rid of my full size 14 body. I was trying to wash her away, because of some new fashions, and pressure from family members to lose weight. My husband doesnn't want me to lose weight. He loves me exactly the way I am. Now I need to love me exactly the way I am. I have been sick for a few days with digestive problems, because I have not been eating well, or not at all. Throwing up your food for three weeks on a day to day bases is stupid, and dangerous. I am ashamed that I even did this. I did lose a little weight, but I am suffering for it. I began eating well again two days ago, but I still felt sick, but forced myself to keep my food down. I do realize I need to seek counseling on why I feel I must please everyone! Please pray that I truly recover from this, and that I began to accept myself exactly the way I am. I'M SO GLAD THAT I WAS INVITED HERE TO THIS SITE! I now can eat without guilt, and know that I'm not the only one.


Dear Meme,

I am so moved and touched by your note, and grateful that I -- we -- all the growing readership of this blog -- are able to be here for you.

I hope you do get counseling, because you deserve it! You deserve a life free of bulimia, free of food and weight obsession -- and yes, such freedom is possible.

I hope, too, that you will be able to replace your shame with loving compassion for the one who needs and deserves it most -- yourself.

Please come back and let us know how you are doing. I know my heart is not the only one you've touched today.

Love & AmpleHugs,

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