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AmpleAliveness™ coach, author, speaker, body liberation activist


Anne S. Kaplan, PhD, CPCC, is a professionally trained and certified personal business and life coach whose is living her life purpose by empowering others. As owner of ASK & Answer Coaching, she will partner with anyone with the commitment, drive, and passion to change their lives for the better. In particular, Anne coaches women ready to reclaim their power from the word FAT.

Anne is enormously caring, passionate, funny, serious, short, fat, earthy, spiritual, an ADDult, and, every once in a while, wise; and she defies anyone—including herself—to say that "fat" is the most important word in that list.


spirituality, wellness, healing, sudoku, self-care, size acceptance, purposeful living, abundance, health at every size, haes, heart-based living, ethical science, logic puzzles, wordplay, healthy cooking*, body wisdom, compassionate medicine

(*email her for her "famous" chicken soup recipe)